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World Scientific Publishing has published a memorial volume for Maximilian Kreuzer with the title

Strings, Gauge Fields, and the Geometry Behind - The Legacy of Maximilian Kreuzer


Anton Rebhan (contact: rebhana @
Ludmil Katzarkov
Johanna Knapp
Radoslav Rashkov
Emanuel Scheidegger

Home page of the book at, publication date: December 2012

Book description

Strings, Gauge Fields, and the Geometry Behind is a memorial volume for Maximilian Kreuzer, a theoretical physicist and superstring theorist who passed away November 26, 2010 and who is known best for two major achievements in string theory and in quantum gauge theories: the complete classification of reflexive polytopes in 4 dimensions, which encode Calabi-Yau manifolds that are of central importance to string theory compactifications, and the classification of anomalies in gauge theories and gravity.

This book contains exclusively invited contributions from collaborators of Maximilian Kreuzer, giving accounts of his scientific legacy, and articles from renowned theoretical physicists and mathematicians; see below for the list of contributors.

In order to make the legacy of Maximilian Kreuzer more fully accessible, his former collaborators Friedemann Brandt and Norbert Dragon have contributed lecture notes on the classification of anomalies, and Harald Skarke together with former colleagues and students of Maximilian Kreuzer have prepared a comprehensive manual and tutorial for the software package PALP that was developed by Kreuzer and Skarke in connection with the classification of reflexive polytopes.

Table of contents

The book contains original contributions organized in three parts:

  1. Gauge field theory and anomalies
  2. String theory and algebraic geometry
  3. The software package PALP

List of Contributors

The following people have contributed to the memorial volume (links to arxiv postings where available):

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